Sandfly Song

{Craig Smith}


Let me sing you something it won't take long
It's entitled the sandfly song
Now normally I don't mean any animals no harm
But these little sandflies try to suck blood from my arm


So I squish em and I squash em
I squish em squash em dead
That's why sometimes you see me slapping my own head
So I squish em and I squash em
I hit em with a thud,
Sorry little sand fly you cannot suck my blood

Now I think they like my blood because I am so sweet
But they always tend to hang around my smelly feet
Well I've tried all the repellants roll on and spray
But these little sandflies just won't go away


Now I know sandflies can't help it, it's just their design
And sucking blood is their idea of a good time
But they're itchy and they're scratchy they drive me quite insane
Oh those little sandflies are such a pain