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Craig specialises in kids music. He can play at your school or kindly just drop him an email!

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Childrens' Books

When a picture book gets well known or is promoted on launch for example you will almost certainly hear about the author, the illustrator and usually the publisher. The ones you normally don't hear much about are the designers. They are the ones responsible for tying the words and the images together. What font do we use? What colour do we make the cover? Where is the text placed? The list goes on and on, and these decisions all make a huge difference in the success of the book. In the past few years, I'm happy to say, that I've had the privilege to work with the best design company in the business. If you were to publish a book or require creative thinking then you should, in my opinion, contact this team of amazing individuals.

SMARTWORK CREATIVE is the perfect blend of creative and business minded people for the job.

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$5 from each 'Not Just for Kids' album is donated to Charity.

Monies raised so far:

$15,665.00 NZD

$240 donation to Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust

$480 donation to IHC

$1000 donation to Sport Equestrian Therapy Inc.

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Hi Craig,


My daugher loves donkey sounds and we came across your book. She absolutely loves it.


Love the book.

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