Willbee the Bumblebee

{Craig Smith}

Willbee the bumblebee
lives his life in your garden so happily
up early in the morning till the evening hour
flying around from flower to flower

Now everybody knows, I suppose
Without bees in your garden nothing grows
They take the pollen to where it supposed to be
that's how nature works, good job willbee

Bumblebees from the day they are born
wear a black and yellow jersey to keep them warm
and Willbees was special it was a perfect fit
cause Willbees mother has hand knitted it

Willbee was out one day
unknown to him his jersey had begun to frey
and his jersey caught where it was torn
right on the end of a roses thorn

And as Willbee flew away he did not stop
his jersey unravelled from the bottom to the top
and when he realised this he lost his hum
he was showing the whole garden his bare bum

Well with no jersey and being late in the day
Willbee was so cold he couldn't fly away
he was frightened and all alone
all he wanted to do was get home

Break; Kazoo as Willbee


Now Monica the butterfly she flew down
she told Willbee to wipe off his frown
she'd seen what had happened and thought she new what to do
she gathered all the wool up and off she flew

with the unravelled wool she flew to spider steve
and asked him for help because she knew he could weave
with a twist of his arm she had him agree
he would weave the wool they had and make a new jersey

Now spider steve he finished so quickly
he used a pettern he'd found in the womans weekly
Moni with a smile thank him so
but Willbee needed help and now she had to go

She found Willbee where he was last
she said "quick put this on really fast"
with his new jersey on he got back his hum
all his bits were warmed up, even his bum

Willbee hugged Moni with a big thank you
he asked her to thank spider Steve for him too
but now back to his house he had to go
for he knew his mum would worry cause she loved him so

Now on a sunny day in your back yard
you might still see Willbee working hard
from flower to flower and carefree
wearing his new black and yellow jersey

Willbee; Kazoo