{Craig Smith}

When I was a young boy, just after I’d turned three
My nana sat down and she knitted me
A little Gollywog, a little Gollywog

And he and I would sit down and we would pretend
And he became my very bestest of friends
My little Gollywog, my little Gollywog


And I never looked at his colour and I never looked at his race
I just liked his real cool hair and the smile across his face
If they can make white dolls then why can’t they make black
Raise your voice and shout out loud BRING THE GOLLYWOGS BACK

Now that I am older I have been told so, 
That my little Gollywog, he will have to go
Poor little Gollywog, poor little Gollywog

In this day and age apparently it’s politically incorrect
To use the phrase Gollywog shows a lack of respect
To smiley black people, to smiley black people


Now in my opinion it’s not the phrase but the intent
When I call him Gollywog he knows just what is meant
I love my little Gollywog, I love my little Gollywog

And in a heart to heart I told him that he has to be strong
That it is our attitudes and not he that is wrong
Brave little Gollywog, brave little Gollywog


Note; Second Chorus; **** and is replaced by {But} and looked is replaced by {look}